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D Ed

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Joseph S. Anderson, D Ed

Dr. Anderson is currently an adjunct professor of health care policy and management in the Department of Public Affairs at the Pennsylvania State University, an affiliated instructor of health care economics at Lancaster General Hospital School of Nursing, and an adjunct instructor in the School of Management Studies, Division of Health Care Management at Eastern University. Dr. Anderson education, background, and experience provide a unique perspective on the speaker topics listed under his credentials.

More about this speaker:

This Speaker's topics include:

Managing Change: The Competitive Advantage and Strategic Challenges of ACO Designation

Managing Change: The Bundle Payment Methodology under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

Managing Change: The Quantitative and Qualitative Reporting Requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

Managing Change: The Cost-Benefit of Implementing a Patient-Centered Medical Home Model

Managing Change: The Microeconomics of Health Care Reform

About Joseph Anderson, D Ed:

Dr. Anderson's corporate experience encompasses over 30 years of experience in health care management, strategic planning/pattern analysis, and executive sales.  He has experienced first-hand the challenges associated with the allocation and distribution of limited resources through the departmental management of a hospital-based, federally funded Community Mental Health Center.  Dr. Anderson has also experienced the challenges associated with the initiation a statewide health care delivery demonstration project and the analytical reporting challenges associated with a peer review organizations.  More recently, Dr. Anderson experienced the regulatory constraints associated with the promotion of branded compounds by Merck & Company in the health care marketplace.

The focus of Dr. Anderson's  current  academic  responsibilities relate to the application and study of both quantitative and qualitative methods for problem solving by employing  proven analytical techniques that are relative to the health care industry.  At the graduate level, Dr. Anderson academic emphasis is on the importance of developing a sound managerial health care policy orientation in the execution of problem solving techniques.  At the undergraduate level, Dr. Anderson's academic experience has predominately been in the areas of competitive advantage, planned change, and strategic thinking and decision-making as these principles relate to the application in the health care industry.

Dr. Anderson has earned two Master degrees in Public Administration and Education, and a doctorate degree in Adult and Professional Education.  In 1995, Dr. Anderson was the cofounder of IR SA –the International RadioSurgery Association, an independent organization, which is dedicated to proving educational information and guidelines on stereotactic radiosurgey for brain tumors and brain disorders to regulatory agencies, insurers and referring physicians.   In 2010, Dr. Anderson co-founded  (with another Innovative Healthcare Speaker – Scott Malan) an independent educational organization - Educational Research Services (ERS) which is dedicated to the application of the principles of macroeconomics and microeconomics by assessing the optimal internal and external  (political) solutions in addressing the magnitude of challenges facing health care providers associated with health care reform. 

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